To Begin With:

I sat in my office for about thirty minutes wondering, “What the hell do I blog?” Amateur. This was about two weeks ago. Here’s to my first post! What does one normally blog about given it being their first time… Well, I am a Telecommunications major, with a passion for the media and society. Funny considering this is my first blog post, ever. I am the proud mommy of a three year old boy, Skyler. He is currently learning the difference between pooping and peeing in the potty. In other words, he is now figuring out that one must SIT on the toilet before one poops. That is to say, he may just think it’s funny. However! I dread the laundry and have now started to toss soiled pants, at this rate my savings will be going toward more clothes that will be tossed (donated) in a mere few weeks due to possible growth spurts (Breathe in and out) /end rant.

Any way. I am a junior at the University of Florida, quite the change from South Florida. 20 degree change, but I won’t complain… Unless you count the lack of sun during the winter months and a beach that seems so out of reach, by about two hours. So, I guess like many human beings I have a few hobbies I take part in on a weekly basis. This does not include reading, writing, and drawing. I’m a bit more exciting than what appears to be a boring bio on some college chick.

I like to jump out of planes. Before you get all “oh my god so cool, why do you do that? You dare devil you.” Said that one person. I am actually in what is called Accelerated Free Fall (AFF) which is a progression program to teach new skydivers the basics. I’m pretty much learning how NOT to kill myself after jumping out of a completely safe airplane. To put it simply, I still suck. I won’t for long! With every art and hobby, practice makes perfect. That is what indoor skydiving is for, the tunnel. A tunnel that produces air fast enough for lift off, or flight.

 To sum it all up; I love the life I live and I want to share it with anyone who might be interested.